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NottedCareers is a career consulting and coaching service that responds to the diverse needs of professionals. It provides career transition services and effective long-term career development plans. If you’re looking to make a career change or simply need a boost to your confidence, it can help.

About NotedCareers

Career coaching is an important part of personal development and NotedCareers offers a personalised strategy for people to improve their work lives and boost their career. Their process involves taking a personal inventory of your current self and potential self and establishing a bespoke strategy to help you achieve your career goals. With experience helping people at all levels and in a variety of industries, NotedCareers knows how to help you succeed in your career.

Mike Dawson is the founder of NotedCareers and has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Inc., The Times, and Fast Company. In addition to helping people identify their unique abilities, he also specializes in helping individuals identify their skills and weaknesses and develop a customized marketing strategy.

Master’s degree programs in counseling with a focus on career development

Master’s degree programs in counseling with specialized career development prepare students for careers as counselors who help people find their purpose and develop their own self-awareness. These programs typically require a clinical practicum or internship, as well as courses specific to the specialization chosen. These degrees may also lead to a National Certification.

Master’s degree programs in counseling with specialized career development are available through various institutions, including public and private institutions. Generally, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and a major in counseling, but some institutions may prefer applicants with work experience related to the career field. The minimum undergraduate GPA is usually 3.0, and GRE exam scores and personal statements are also considered.

Course offerings in counseling master’s programs vary, but most programs will feature core coursework, electives, and a focus area. Some programs will also require a capstone course and thesis project. Courses typically include:

Cost of hiring a career advisor

Hiring a career advisor can be a valuable investment for a successful career search. However, the cost of career counseling can be high. The cost of a single hour of coaching can range from $75 to $150. However, depending on your needs, it may be worth the cost. Here are some tips for finding a good career coach at a reasonable price.

A career counselor can help you understand your professional goals and make the right decision for your future. You can find a counselor privately or through your state. In some cases, you can even find a certified career counselor at your local college. They are also licensed to practice in your state. Another way to find a qualified counselor is to talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can also find a career counselor on a professional network site such as Handshake, which connects you with alumni and peers.

You should find a career coach with a solid track record. Check if they are members of relevant professional associations. If they are, you can request complimentary exploratory sessions. In addition, you should feel comfortable with your coach and feel connected to them. A career coach’s fees are usually reasonable, so you can hire one on a budget.

NotedCareers – Career Consultants

The NottedCareers team of career consultants provides a variety of career consulting and career transition services, catering to a variety of professional needs. These services range from short-term career transition planning to longer-term career development plans. Regardless of your needs, these consultants can help you find your ideal career path.

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NotedCareers is an Adelaide-based career management company that offers customised career coaching packages. They help individuals develop their unique skills to excel in the workplace. By carefully considering each person’s current and potential self, their consultants design a strategy to help them find their ideal career path. The company has worked with thousands of clients at all levels, from fresh graduates to entry-level employees.

One of the major drawbacks of NotedCareers is that it publicizes your private information on their website. Not only does this violate your privacy, it also shows unethical and backhanded behaviour. In addition to this, NotedCareers’ representatives have exhibited a pattern of low-level incivility and personal harassment. These traits are highly inappropriate. Further, NotedCareers doesn’t provide any assistance beyond basic resume writing. The service also has an unrealistic workload and a no-refund policy.


NottedCareers is a professional career consulting firm that provides a variety of services to meet a variety of professional needs. They offer services that range from career transition services to effective long-term career development plans. This firm is dedicated to helping their clients find the career that suits them best.

NotedCareers is located in Adelaide and offers customised workplace coaching and career coaching packages to help individuals succeed in their jobs. Their philosophy is centered around personal development and developing strategies based on each individual’s unique strengths. The firm has been helping professionals from fresh graduates to entry-level employees develop the skills and mindset necessary to be successful in their jobs.

Career management

Career coaches and consultants provide a range of services to meet different professional needs. Whether you’re in the early stages of your career or you’re looking for a change, NottedCareers is there to help. They provide effective long-term career development plans. They’ll help you find the right career path, and they’ll also help you make the most of your skills and experience.

The highly qualified consultants at NotedCareers will listen to your career goals and develop a tailored strategy for you. They will also provide training, coaching, and mentoring to help you make clearer choices and achieve your career goals.


Gregory is a seasoned career consultant and an inspiring mentor. He understands the complexities of the job market and offers strategies that work. He helps students, recent grads, and people who are switching careers. In addition, he is extremely personable and shares many of his personal experiences. His guidance and encouragement are invaluable and leave you with confidence.

He offers career coaching to encourage personal development and help clients excel in the workplace. He works with clients to determine their present self and their desired self, and then develops a bespoke strategy for their success. He has worked with thousands of people at all levels, from fresh graduates to entry-level employees.


If you’re looking for a job but don’t know where to start, consider using the services of a career consultant. These consultants respond to the specific needs of their clients and conduct career assessments in one-on-one consultations. These consultants provide training, mentoring, and coaching for their clients to help them find their perfect career fit.

NotedCareers – Career Counselling Adelaide

If you’re looking for career counselling Adelaide, you can consider visiting NotedCareers Career Management. They have GPS locations and a phone number. They are open on certain days, too. The staff can give you information about the different career options available to you.


NottedCareers is an Australia-based career management service provider that offers career coaching services. The team provides career development solutions to thousands of professionals to help them achieve their professional goals. Whether you are relocating to a new city or need some career coaching advice, they have a solution for you.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, NotedCareers can help you achieve your career goals and set a plan for your career development. They provide customized career coaching packages and workplace coaching solutions to help their clients achieve their professional goals.

New Directions SA

NottedCareers is an Australia-based career management service provider. It provides career coaching and career development packages dedicated to helping clients achieve their career objectives. Thousands of professionals have benefited from the expertise and services of NottedCareers’ team. Whether you are considering a career change, a job change, or an entirely new career, NottedCareers is the place to turn for help.

The Adelaide-based company provides career counseling and management services to help clients achieve their professional goals. NottedCareers provides resume writing services, employment search services, and career coaching services.

Career management

A career management service provider based in Australia, NottedCareers provides career coaching services and solutions for professionals at all levels and in a variety of industries. Their team of professional career managers and coaches aims to help clients achieve their professional goals. Whether you are an entry-level professional, an experienced professional, or a student, they can help you find the best career path to suit your interests and needs.

The services of NottedCareers include career coaching, resume writing, workplace coaching, and human resource consulting. This Adelaide-based service provider is committed to helping clients achieve their professional goals. NottedCareers’ staff specializes in helping professionals improve their job satisfaction and professional performance.


Whether you are stuck in your current career, or you’re struggling to find your next job, the right career counsellor can help you make the best move for your future. Career counsellors are qualified and experienced professionals who will guide you through the process of finding your career path. They can also give you valuable advice on how to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Career counsellors like Naren have a unique and diverse approach. They are experts in their field, and they bring years of experience in helping clients find the right career. In addition, they’re able to draw on their own extensive experience as a company director to deliver practical advice to clients.


NottedCareers is an Australia-based career management service provider. It provides career coaching services that are dedicated to helping clients achieve their professional goals. The team of professionals provides career development solutions for thousands of professionals. NottedCareers has a team of certified career consultants who are passionate about helping clients succeed.

The team at NottedCareers is led by award-winning Career Coach Naren, who has helped over 1,000 job seekers secure meaningful employment. He has also held leadership positions in prestigious universities around Australia. His career counselling services are complemented by mentoring support to help clients transition into meaningful employment. Pearl, on the other hand, is an HR and Recruitment Specialist. She supports her clients to get jobs across a range of industries.

NottedCareers – Career Advisor Melbourne

If you’re interested in a career change or are currently unemployed, consider consulting a career advisor. The experts at NottedCareers can help you develop an effective plan for long-term career development. From career transition to career coaching, they can help you meet your goals.


NottedCareers offers career coaching and career consulting services to cater to a range of professional needs. Whether you’re starting out or looking to switch careers, NottedCareers can help you develop a comprehensive long-term career development plan. NottedCareers’ professional and friendly approach enables you to achieve your career goals and make the right choices for your career.

NotedCareers provides professional career management services to professionals throughout Australia. Its career consultants have years of experience in many different fields and have helped thousands of clients reach their career goals. As a result, they can tailor their approach and work closely with you to meet your personal needs.

Stride Group Business Coaching

Stride Group Business Coaching is a team of consulting and mentoring experts who combine backgrounds in business, life coaching, recruitment, mentoring, and education to help clients achieve their goals. Services offered include executive coaching for senior leaders, business mentoring, and career counseling. Individuals can receive individual or group coaching.

Career coaching is essential for people looking to advance in their careers. It helps clients clarify their reasons for seeking employment and improve their performance in the workplace. A Melbourne career coach can make a big difference to a person’s career.

Naren Chellappah

For those looking for a career change in Melbourne, you have plenty of options. However, you may find that the city can be intimidating. It’s filled with talented people who already have more experience and a better CV than you. In addition, many companies outsource their workforce and don’t hire new talent, so you might have a hard time getting hired. This is where NotedCareers’ career coaches come in.

Life Coaching Melbourne

If you are interested in gaining the skills necessary to succeed in your current career, consider a life coaching Melbourne session with NotedCareers. The firm specializes in career consulting, career coaching, and career transition services. They provide comprehensive career development plans for both the short and long-term.

Their team of business professionals has over 50 years of experience in various industries. Their mission is to help people achieve their full potential. They specialize in career coaching and industry placement services for students, graduates, and mature job seekers.

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Career advisors can be a great help in advancing your career. NottedCareers specializes in career transition and consulting, providing services for a variety of professional needs. Whether you are currently working in a job you are unhappy with or need a new career path, these professionals can help you design a strategy for long-term career development.

A career advisor Melbourne can help you overcome the obstacles that may hinder your progress in your career. The job market in Melbourne is full of highly talented individuals. This means that many of your competitors have better CVs than you do. Many businesses in the area outsource their workforce rather than hiring fresh talent, so you’ll have a difficult time standing out.

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